If you go looking for adventure, you can usually find it… sometimes you don’t even need to look, you just have to be in the right place at the right time and viola!… you’re in an adventure before you even realize you’re in an adventure. We have three stories today about times when adventure comes calling… First we have a story from my friend and storyteller extraordinaire, Jeanine Moss, who shares a story about a ride on the Marrakesh Express.  Then I share a story with my cousin Heather about our Aunt Katie and my good friend, Eric, two people who are no longer with us, but definitely understood the value of a good adventure, even if you have to create it yourself! Lastly, Jeanine is back with a story about ape-sitting… She and her friend end up in charge of a baby Gibbon ape and well, you can imagine how well that goes.

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Produced, edited, written and hosted by Kim A. Flodin, with editing help from Kari Flodin

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