Welcome back to our second episode featuring scary stuff, things that go bump in the night, creepy basements, unexplained messages from the beyond and more! This week we're talking about the house we grew up in...if you've been listening, you know that we grew up in a haunted house, which made for some interesting times growing up and some even more interesting stories to share! Of course, we have a collection of haunted house stories that are the stuff of family legend and you're going to hear one of them today, as told by first by our cousin Heather, who regularly visited us during the summer and our sister, Erin. We're calling this story Do Not Go in the Basement. We have four stories today all about the haunted house we called home, stay with us for stories about that creepy basement and more!


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Produced, edited, written and hosted by Kim A. Flodin, with editing help from Kari Flodin.​

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