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We have a really special show about someone who was a really special person. My friend and former boss, Adrienne Weinstein. She’s not with us anymore, but she left an indelible mark on my life during the 16 years we worked together. She and Faye, who was my employee, were my “Jewish mothers’ and man, did we have some funny adventures. Think of us as Lucy, Ethel and Ethel and you never knew which one of us was going to be Lucy, but a lot of the time, it was Adrienne. 

Sadly, we lost Adrienne in 2005 and today’s show is dedicated to her and is all about her, with stories and memories from my other Jewish mother, Faye and Adrienne’s son’s Chad and Josh.

A special thank you to Adrienne’s sons, Chad and Josh for joining us this week to share memories of their mom. 

Dr. Chad Weinstein is hardly the underachiever he claims to be. He is founder and president of Ethical Leaders in Action, and you can find his excellent book, “Thinking Aloud: Reflections on Ethical Leadership” on Amazon!

And Josh, also known as J. Elvis Weinstein has been a stand up comedy star since he was a teenager! Maybe you’ve heard his podcast, Thought Spiral. You can also catch his documentaries, I need You to Kill”  and "Michael Des Barres: Who Do You Want Me To Be?" on Amazon Prime. His latest comedy album “Chunks”  is also on Amazon and be sure to follow him on Twitter!

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    Produced, edited, written and hosted by Kim A. Flodin, with editing help from Kari Flodin.

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