Happy October! If you’ve been listening, you might have heard that every episode this month is going to be all about creepy things, haunted houses, scary entities, unexplainable phenenoma, paranormal oddities and more!

If you’ve been following the show, you know that myself and my four sisters are pretty tuned in. I’ve been experiencing paranormal interactions since I was a little girl and am also highly intuitive and receive messages from beyond the grave, among other things. Kari (as you heard in our useless psychic episodes, sometimes has literal dreams that come true, as well as having the unique ability to tune into other’s physical pain. Jenny has a way of finding and experiencing the craziest paranormal and unexplainable shit, Erin is super empathetic and can tune into people, places and animals – she reads energy very well and lastly, our sister Skye’s kids know better than to try and pull anything over on her… she has the all-seeing eye and she can spot a bullshitter a mile away...lol!


So today, we have one story, as told by in three parts by our sister Erin and it’s recent! These events are only a couple of months old and as you’ll hear, we actually had some strange shit literally go down while we were recording this episode!


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Produced, edited, written and hosted by Kim A. Flodin, with editing help from Kari Flodin​

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