​So today we have a collection of creepy stories all shared between myself and my sister, Jenny. Can you believe we’re already on our fourth week of creepy stories? Anyway, this week we’re basically letting you listen in on a conversation jenny and I had way back in April… she was telling her story about almost chopping her leg off with a machete (if you haven’t listened to that crazy story.. it aired on May 23, 2019) when somehow we veered off into creepy story land, which is what you’re about to hear… we covered a lot of ground… including insane asylums, psychic exes, things moving on their own and more scary stories about the creepy house we grew up in...we have not shortage of those! Stay with us.

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Produced, edited, written and hosted by Kim A. Flodin, with editing help from Kari Flodin.​

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