This week we bring you stories of life’s mortifying moments, as only could happen to us. In our first story, I’m at a company Christmas party when something happens that is so unexpected and embarrassing that I have to decide how I’m going to manage this How in the hell did I get here moment?! In our second story this week, Jenny is working second shift, which means a late night walk to her car. However, there’s something different about this night… she’s parked far away in a scary and unfamiliar ramp. In our last story, Kari takes us back to high school and shares a story she’s never told anyone, until now!


See Kari back in the day in the show notes on our website!


If you have a How in the Hell story to share, call our story line at 323-488-3303 and you could hear yourself on the show! That’s 323-488-3303!


Written, produced, and hosted by Kim A. Flodin

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