If you’ve listened to the show before, you might know that myself and my four sisters consider ourselves to be witches, yep we have our own coven. Lol


And in fact, our six time great grandma was actually convicted in Salem as a witch back in the 1600’s, so we do come from an actual accused witch and not only that, we all 100% agree that we grew up in a haunted house and that we all seem to have more than our fair share of paranormal encounters, excitement, and abilities.


So this week we’re giving you a sneak peak of a show that we could have saved for the month of October, but why not have a little creepiness right here and right now in the middle of summer? The good news is you can count on more paranormal, creepy stories all during the month of October. Mark your calendars and be sure to tune in then if you love this kind of stuff.


Our show this week is one story as told by Kari about an encounter she had a long time ago. As you’ll hear, this isn’t a story she’s told many people because well… this kind of thing doesn’t happen to that many people.


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