This week we have a little bit of sad news. After much discussion and consternation, I and my sisters have decided to put How in the HELL Did I Get Here on hiatus. We might be back and we might not.


This wasn’t an easy decision, but life changes and it just seems like the right thing to do for right now.


I want to say a huge thank you to you, our listener… and a huge thank you to my sisters for indulging my dream of creating this podcast. It wouldn’t have been possible without either you or the sisters. So, thank you so much. Seriously, the support you’ve given us and the fact that we have people listening from around the world every week still blows my mind and fills me with awe and gratitude.


And, if you really miss me, you can find me at my other podcast the Fall in Love with Yourself Toolkit where I’m dishing out advice for your week, and other fun information. You might even hear a sister or two over there from time to time.


For the time being, you can still catch us on Fridays on How in the HELL Did I get here Shorts which are stories pulled from the archives of How in the Hell did I get here. The plan is to keep that going for as long as it makes sense, so for you die-hard fans you can still get your fix on Friday mornings.


This week we have three stories for you, one from Jenny, one from me and one from a listener and I don’t think they have anything in common… except of course all of us wondering How in the HELL did I Get Here? 


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